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About Me

Well hello there! I suppose it helps to know a bit about the person behind the reviews to help you understand their perspective. There are many toy review blogs out there (and I read a LOT of them) but each reviewer brings something special to the community of sex positive toy lovers that wasn’t there before. So here’s me throwing my dildo in the ring, so to speak.

I’m a 35 year old pansexual pre-op trans woman. While my personality, presentation, and life are all within the realm of your average female specimen, I do have a penis instead of a vagina currently. This gives me a rather unique perspective when it comes to sex toys. I find myself enjoying toys meant both specifically for men and women (excluding those with anatomical limitations) but not necessarily all of either. Several years of hormones and androgen blockers also cause some issues with certain kinds of stimulation as well as opening up previously unknown types of orgasmic bliss.

So what does that mean for you my dear reader? Well it means a unique view based on what works for me, my parts, and how they function these days. I can’t begin to claim my experiences are representative of trans women as a whole, but if something in particular works (or doesn’t work) because of these differences then maybe it can help other girls like me find something that brings them pleasure. Though just because I might be a bit different than you doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy many of the same things!

I hope to eventually review all sorts of wonderful toys, gadgets, and gizmos, and I’d be thrilled if it helps someone find just the right thing for themselves.