Emjoi – Emagine

There are two questions I’m expecting from this review: “What’s an epilator?” and “Why is it on a sex toy blog?” Put simply it’s a device for removing body hair, and some people remove their body hair for sexual reasons. So take a peek inside to learn about the painful little gizmo that changed my life!


Imagine that’s your hair

Epilators are the mechanized version of waxing, threading, or sugaring. Instead of sticking to the hair and removing them when yanked off, the rotating parts of the epilator grab each hair like a pair of tweezers would. The spinning motion then pulls out the hair, root and all.


The Emagine by Emjoi has 72 individual tweezers built into the head. This is one of the wider epilators I’ve found, so you can get more hair with each pass. Fewer passes means less irritation. The head is removable for cleaning, and while you have it off you might notice that the gears for turning the heads are plastic. This is a point of failure, but I’ve had my Emagine for 5 years now and only had one head stop working due to gear damage. Replacements are available from the manufacturer’s website for considerably less than buying a whole new unit. There’s also a shaver head available too! The red model is around $99 from most retailers, and a black “4 Men” model is around $120 but comes with the shaver head while the red one does not. Otherwise they are identical products. The Emagine plugs into the wall so you don’t run out of battery power in the middle of a session like can often happen with rechargeable versions.


Does it hurt? Of course it does, but so do all methods of hair removal that pull out the root. The primary difference is that with waxing, for instance, you get a long strip over with all at once while using an epilator is only pulling out the hair its directly in contact with. So waxing is more pain all at once while epilating is less pain but more constant. I take breaks when my pain tolerance starts to waver, but that’s usually after 10 minutes or so of continuous use. Much like waxing, it hurts a lot more at first but you build up a tolerance to it over time.

There are several advantages to an epilator over waxing. It’s easier to do it yourself, so if you’re shy about a stranger smearing wax over you that’s no longer a problem. It’s a one-time purchase instead of routine appointments so you end up saving a lot of money. Of course the same could be said for shaving, but I have rather tenacious hair that feels stubbly the next day and is prone to razor burn and ingrown hairs. While epilating does cause some discomfort, it’s far less than the overall experience with merely shaving. Depending on the type of body hair you have, this may not be an issue for you (so jealous!) but if you have the same kinds of issues epilators just might be for you.


This epilator changed my life. I’m a transgender woman, and as a result I’ve got a bit more body hair than most other women. For emotional comfort and to not stand out in public I choose to remove my body hair. Previously this was a horrible experience for me, not only with the removal itself but with the regrowth afterwards. The Emagine changed all that by offering me a hair removal solution that I could use when I wanted in the privacy of my own home and saved me the suffering I’d experienced with the after effects of shaving. I can’t recommend this product highly enough. I’d previously tried other epilators with smaller heads on them, and while those are fine for touching up your bikini area or hitting a spot or two on your face, to really tackle a full body you simply need more tweezers.