I’m not dead! Hosting Review

I haven’t updated this site in a few months. There are a lot of reasons for this, many personal, but overwhelmingly the issue has been technical in nature. I’m generally flat broke, so when it came time to set up a review blog I went with the cheapest hosting I could find. This was a mistake.

Today’s review will be of Asura Hosting. Why is this on a sex toy blog? Well, that’s what this sex toy blog used to be on.


A year worth of hosting with unlimited bandwidth for under $20? That sounds too good to be true!


It absolutely was too good to be true. The uptime for the site itself was sporadic at best. The moment I tried to do anything with the inner workings of WordPress to update the site it would slow to a crawl and often lose connection. This would cause the entire site to go down for a few minutes so no one could even look at reviews.


If you’re reading this, then we’re live on NearlyFreeSpeech hosting! I’ve spent more at Taco Bell than I did on Asura, and the end result was remarkably similar.