Bad Dragon – Nox the Night Drake

I would be quite surprised if you’re the sort of person to read sex toy reviews but haven’t heard of Bad Dragon before. They’ve become quite famous (some might say infamous) for creating unique toys inspired mostly by various fantasy dragons. Though they have the usual horse, wolf, horse-wolf hybrid, and almost anything else you can think of on their shelves, my firsthand experience with their products is with a small rainbow Nox the Night Drake. Though he be but little, he is fierce. 1 I received my Nox free of charge from Orgasmatronics 2 after filling out a customer interest survey and winning their drawing.

I’ve wanted a Bad Dragon toy from the first time I heard of them many years ago, but I could never justify paying their prices. I honestly figured one dildo is as good as any other at that point in my life. It’s one of those things where I wish I could go back and know then what I know now. For starters, the craftsmanship on my Nox is superior to most of the toys I’ve owned in my life. It has a smooth, supple feel to it rather than the matte finish that some other toys have. That’s largely a point of personal preference, and even depends largely on what type of lube you’re using from what others have told me. For myself, I’ve always preferred the smooth finish so this toy was perfect for me.

So the real question is: how well did I train my dragon?


The small Nox the Night Drake measures 6.75 inches in total length with about 5.75 of that being usable. The base is substantial enough to make anal use safe without being cumbersome during play. The diameter of the head is 1.5 inches at the widest point, and the shaft bulges to 1.8 inches. The shape is interesting, and it’s really hard to capture the curves and bulges without being able to hold it in your hands. That translates to some wonderful sensations during use. I’m honestly not certain of the firmness because this was won in a contest and I was given no specs on the prize. The base has a small hole in it, and I’m not sure if this is meant for suction or not, but I’ve found that a vibrating egg fits well inside it.


The head comes to a very pointed tip which makes anal insertion very easy, until you get past the head. At that point, the shaft starts to curve sharply and the bulges significantly. This is the point that takes a little effort to get past if I’m not sufficiently warmed up beforehand. I wouldn’t exactly call it a knot, but it feels like a massive change in thickness right after passing the ridge on the head. That curved shaft is particularly good for light prostate stimulation, and I wish it were cast from a harder silicone for really getting the most out of the shape.

I’ve found that this toy is the perfect size/shape combo for sitting at my computer with it inside me, rocking and twisting my hips to edge myself constantly. Where it really shines is if the head of a vibrating wand is placed against the base, or a vibrating egg is inserted into the cavity in the bottom. The curve places the tip in just the right spot to deliver those vibrations right where you want them.


The Nox is honestly one of the toys I find myself reaching for most often. It’s just big enough to make me feel good without needing to be a whole event like some of my other toys. It’s great for seated grinding, which makes researching and typing out reviews a lot more entertaining, and the extra bulge in the shaft makes it great as a warm up to larger toys. While some of Bad Dragon’s other toys are much wilder in their designs, the Nox manages to feel familiar while still being new and interesting. I think it would make for a great toy if you’re not sure about some of their other products but still want to dip your toes in the pool.


  1. I’m not sure dragon dildos were what Shakespeare had in mind, but it’s fitting
  2. Orgasmatronics has unfortunately closed their doors. They will be missed