gläs – Pure Indulgence Anal Slider

I’ve always wanted to experiment with direct prostate stimulation, but have more often than not been disappointed by the various toys meant for such play. After reading various reviews and seeing some wonderful videos (VERY wonderful! mmmmm) I decided that maybe a wand style toy would work better for my needs. The great thing about prostate stimulation is that you can eventually learn to have really intense orgasms without having to touch your penis at all. After seeing the price of the most popular tool of handsfree orgasms on the market, the Njoy Pure Wand, my mind was filled with cartoon moths flying out of my purse rather than the visions of bliss that had been there moments before. Surely there had to be something more affordable to experiment with!

Hours of searching later, I found an option that was of reputable quality, relatively inexpensive (I purchased it at a local Cirilla’s chain location for $17) and best of all just the right shape and size!


The Pure Indulgence Anal Slider is glass and measures overall at about 8 inches, but you’re only going to be using 5 or so of that at any one time. The design is double ended, with a small ball on one side and a shape somewhere between an egg and a small lemon on the other end. The curve helps it get up close and personal with your P-Spot 1 and let’s you get some great leverage. Very well made, and the box sports a logo saying it was handblown (oh my).



The shape is great and lets me experience direct stimulation in ways I’ve never been able to previously. This was definitely an eye opening experience. The glass was almost friction-less with only a small amount of lubricant… but that was also a bit of a problem. My initial experiments were done while holding the larger end as a handle. Once the slightest amount of lube got onto the end, I was no longer able to maintain any sort of grip on it. If this were a straight toy instead of a curved one, I doubt it would’ve been much of a problem. As it was, the curve twisted out of alignment right when I was having the time of my life, and my frantic attempts to get it back to the right spot only made the end slicker and harder to hold onto. Orgasm denial can be fun, sure, but not when it’s the toy doing it to you.

img_20160510_000410Thankfully, I’m not your average girl pretending to be a mouse on the internet! I dug deep in the toy drawer and pulled out one of those stretchy jelly cock rings you usually see for sale next to the register in a fishbowl at most places. I’d had a handful thrown in the bag with an order years ago and a few of them were still in their individual packaging. Once all the lube was washed off, and it was thoroughly dried, the jelly ring gripped onto the glass quite firmly. The squishy spikes provided just enough grip during later test sessions to keep the twisting problem from happening again. I’m sure this trick would work well for other glass toys if you’re having any sort of a problem holding onto them when things get wild.


I’m in love with this toy. After having some bad experiences with glass toys in the past that were textured with large bumps or spirals or such, this was such a refreshing experience. The shape opens up unique play opportunities that other toys might not be so great at, and it’s a great budget friendly option for experimenting without throwing a hundred bucks at your online order for the high end stuff. I’d suggest the Pure Indulgence Anal Slider to anyone looking for this style of toy, and I’ll definitely hold gläs in high regards when it comes time to purchase my next glass toy.


  1. P-Spot is a common term for the prostate, used similarly to G-Spot since they are nearly analogous