Exotic Erotics – Cody

My foray into the world of sex toys that weren’t cheap crap came via the unexpected winning of a contest that I had entered. Reenie was giving away several toys in different giveaways, and I entered for the ones I’d actually like to own. This included a one-of-a-kind horse dildo by Exotic Erotics created in a Christmas theme. I call it The Spirit of Christmas, and oh how fun it was to tell people that I’d been truly filled with The Spirit of Christmas over the holidays!

I wanted to win this toy a lot more than I usually care to admit, but that’s a long story that I’m not sure anyone would want to hear. The short version is that I’m kinda sorta in the furry fandom, but not as fully invested in it as some of my friends are. (no, I don’t have a fursuit. everyone asks) When you see enough art involving the largest cock they could imagine drawing… well a gal starts to imagine things. And thus, the Exotic Erotics Cody entered my life quite unexpectedly.

Although Exotic Erotics does offer lifecast toys, the Cody is one of their sculpted ones. The casting is spot-on and the skill in getting the color stripes to work so well is readily apparent. The only minor concern I have with the toy is the method in which the original sculpt was formed. I have some experiences toying around with a 3D printer that I built from a kit, so the subtle ridges running up the entire length were immediately recognizable to me. The master from which the mould was made had been sculpted in a computer and then printed out. It’s very hard to remove the slight ridge between the layers due to the printing process without destroying the detail of what you’ve printed. I can see how this apparent imperfection might send people off to a competitor, but I prefer to think of it as ribbed for her pleasure. It’s almost unnoticeable, but I can tell there’s just a bit more sensation than I’ve been able to get out of smoother toys. This is more of a happy accident than a deal breaker in my book.


The Cody I received is a medium size, which measures 10 inches in total length with 8 1/2 insertable. The tip is 1.7 in diameter but squishy, the shaft is 1.3 in diameter but varies, and the firmer medial ring (yay horse anatomy) is also 1.7 but a lot firmer than the tip. The silicone is somewhat firm, but still soft enough to bend and for the tip to squish a fair bit to make insertion a little easier. They offer their toys in different firmness choices, but since this was a prize I have no idea which one it is. If I had to guess, I’d call it medium firmness. The medium Cody is on their site for $55.


1449854558476-1024x886I tested the Cody anally, and there are some very unique experiences to be had with this toy. Obviously the length and girth are very filling, but the somewhat soft silicone makes for an interesting start. The tip, being flat-ish, is a bit difficult to get lined up and inserted. During the process, you’re compressing the rest of the toy, the shaft bending a bit like the arms on a bow being pulled back, until finally everything is lined up properly… and then instead of slowly putting the tip within yourself, it springs a couple inches into you instantly. That would be the second time Cody entered my life quite unexpectedly. In later tests I’ve really come to enjoy this aspect of the toy since I don’t get it from anything else I’ve used.

I personally had difficulty my first few times getting past the medial (or mid-shaft) ring, but lots of lube and a bit of patience is all it takes. Past that ridge, the shaft starts to taper wider until it hits some rather unique folds at the base. Once you’ve got that far, don’t be shocked if the famously misheard lyrics of Billy Idol burst into your head and command you to “ride the pony, ride the pony!”


Let’s face it, the whole appeal of this toy is that it’s big and it’s naughtier than the rack of human shaped giant dildos you see everywhere else. If that gets lewd thoughts going in your head, go for it. You won’t regret it. The shape of the head, and the ridge along it, does some amazing things inside me that traditionally rounded tip toys do not. It’s no accident that high-end toys are emulating the same shape, but I don’t see the point in rounding it off so I can pretend I don’t know what it was inspired by. It’s from a horse, so might as well just go for it. Personally it feels a bit weird pulling out a Christmas themed toy as the months go by, so I might eventually get myself another Cody from Exotic Erotics in a less season-specific style. And maybe the large this time…