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Sinclair Select 8X Wand

I once owned a Hitachi Magic Wand, but I gave it to a partner as a gift thinking I’d easily get another one. This was during that dark period in history when there was a shortage due to the factory being damaged. Prices inflated quickly due to demand, and counterfeits were rampant. Between the price being twice what I’d originally paid and almost certainly getting a fake one that didn’t work as well for that ridiculous cost, I decided to see what else was out there. (more…)

I’m not dead! Hosting Review

I haven’t updated this site in a few months. There are a lot of reasons for this, many personal, but overwhelmingly the issue has been technical in nature. I’m generally flat broke, so when it came time to set up a review blog I went with the cheapest hosting I could find. This was a mistake. (more…)

Bad Dragon – Nox the Night Drake

I would be quite surprised if you’re the sort of person to read sex toy reviews but haven’t heard of Bad Dragon before. They’ve become quite famous (some might say infamous) for creating unique toys inspired mostly by various fantasy dragons. Though they have the usual horse, wolf, horse-wolf hybrid, and almost anything else you can think of on their shelves, my firsthand experience with their products is with a small rainbow Nox the Night Drake. Though he be but little, he is fierce. (more…)

gläs – Pure Indulgence Anal Slider

I’ve always wanted to experiment with direct prostate stimulation, but have more often than not been disappointed by the various toys meant for such play. After reading various reviews and seeing some wonderful videos (VERY wonderful! mmmmm) I decided that maybe a wand style toy would work better for my needs. The great thing about prostate stimulation is that you can eventually learn to have really intense orgasms without having to touch your penis at all. After seeing the price of the most popular tool of handsfree orgasms on the market, the Njoy Pure Wand, my mind was filled with cartoon moths flying out of my purse rather than the visions of bliss that had been there moments before. Surely there had to be something more affordable to experiment with! (more…)

Exotic Erotics – Cody

My foray into the world of sex toys that weren’t cheap crap came via the unexpected winning of a contest that I had entered. Reenie was giving away several toys in different giveaways, and I entered for the ones I’d actually like to own. This included a one-of-a-kind horse dildo by Exotic Erotics created in a Christmas theme. I call it The Spirit of Christmas, and oh how fun it was to tell people that I’d been truly filled with The Spirit of Christmas over the holidays! (more…)